•         Street lamp

    Street lamp means the lights installed high at the edge of the road to prevent accidents and crimes by securing the visibility of drivers and pedestrians on dark roads or sidewalks at specific times range every night. Modern street lamps uses light sensitive photocell so that can be turn on automatically in sunset and turns off at dawn, also functions in gloomy days. Street lamps have positive role in minimising risks of pedestrian and vehicles crash, but also they have potential risk of electrical leak and causing light pollution. To minimise these risks some cities install the electrical leak waring lights and protection cover. Streetlights turned on in even in late night interrupts astronomical observation, causes confusion in photosynthesis process of plants, also effects abnormal behavior of insects. As recognition of light pollution grows recently, it is a trend to refrain from indiscriminate installation of streetlights.
  •         Landscape


    Landscape lights don’t stay in the simple role of using lights as aid for recognizing an object the same as daytime in the nighttimes, they ensure the comfort by making the target easy to understand, also emphasize landscape’s aesthetic value of sculpture, three-dimensional effect, and beauty. And also refer to artificial lights automatically turn on in using time according to people's favorite spaces and city components within the view range.
  •         Tunnel lights

    Standards of tunnel lights installation are tunnel’s section, accessing road’s section, length of the tunnel, constructional finishing of the tunnel, existence of ventilating system, traffic amount, linear (curves or straights), sorts of surface, visibility range of entrance, outdoor brightness at the vicinity of entrance and exit from the driver’s sight and etc. In daylight sudden change from light adaptation to dark adaptation occurs so as it takes a little bit of time to identify the obstacles in the tunnel, lights are used in connection with the lighting inside the tunnel by gradually decreasing the luminance divided into boundary, transition, and relaxation sections.
  •         Interior lights

    Lights should be sufficient and steady to protect vision and reduce eye fatigue. Good lighting should not be dazzling, should have right around of shadow and also should be in the suave colour. Proper amount of light differs by function of the room, there should be appropriate lighting according to purpose. Study room should have proper amount of light, restaurant’s lighting should make the food delightful, resting area needs proper dim lighting.
  •         Sports lights

    Classified as outdoor lighting equipment, designed to restrict unwanted upward projection inside and outside the stadium, light spreading out the stadium and unnecessary dazzles. We have sports-specific solutions for stadiums of all sizes, provides lighting that fits its needs.