•   2021

    · Seoul Good Public Design
    · Gyeonggi Province Public Facilities Design Certificate
  •   2020

    · Certificate of Chung-nam Good Public Design
    · LED Streetlight High Efficiency Energy Material Certification
    · Hwaseong-si Banggyo-dong Park competition winning
  •   2019

    · Seoul Good Public Design
    · · Hwaseong-si Banggyo-dong Park competition winning
  •   2018

    · Korea Expressway Corporation standard LED streetlights
    · Gyeonggido Province Superior Public Facilities Design Certification
    · High Efficiency Energy Material Certification - LED security light, LED floodlight, LED tunnel light
  •   2017

    ·Electrical Construction Business registration
    ·Good design (providence industrial design choice)
    ·Group standard indication certificate
    ·Selection of Korea Expressway Corporation's standard qualification company
    ·High Efficiency Energy Equipment certification
    ·Direct Production Confirmation certificate
    ·KS product certificate
  •   2016

    ·Eco-label certificate
    ·Seoul Metropolitan Government's distribution standard certificate
    ·Led tunnel light KS certificate
    ·50W ~ 150W fluorescent light fixture KS certificate
    ·Fluorescent light fixture EK-MARK
    ·Stella LED lighting fixture, LED floodlight fixture, LED tunnel light fixture KS certificate
    ·Flush mounting type and fixed type led lighting fixture
  •   2015

    ·Seoul good public design
    ·Adjustment of the irradiation angle on the slide part patent certificate
    ·Adjusting the angle of investigation of the guide patent certificate
    ·2 kinds of Electrical Design Business registration
    ·high efficiency energy material Certification led streetlight, led security light, led interior light
    ·EK-MARK on led light fixture, floodlight device
    ·KS certificate - Flush mounting type and fixed type led lighting fixture
  •   2014

    ·Foundation of design research department
    ·2014 Seoul Good Public Dsign 정
    ·Group Standard Indication Certificate
    ·KS product certificate
  •   2013

    ·2013 seoul good public design
    ·Korea energy management corporation high efficiency energy material certificate
    ·Streetlight head patent certificate - patent number 10-1273322
    ·Controlling the arm patent certificate
    ·Venture Company registration
    ·Direct Production Confirmation Certificate
  •   2012

    ·Quality Management Systems
    ·Gyeonggido namyangju-si 2nd factory establishment
    ·Public Procurement Service competitive bidding qualification for participation registration
  •   2011

    ·Stella streetlight device invention
    ·Gyeonggido Namyangju-si 2nd factory establishment
    ·ISO 9001 certificate
    ·2011 Seoul Good Public Design
  •   2010

    ·LST Corp. establishment